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[ Research ]

[ Publications ]

Full list of publications for download is here.

Journal papers

M. Doret, J. Spilka, V. Chudáček, P. Gonçalves, P. Abry Fractal Analysis and Hurst Parameter for Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Variability Analysis: A Versatile Alternative to Frequency Bands and LF/HF Ratio In PLoS ONE, 10(8), 2015.
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L. Hruban, J. Spilka, V. Chudáček, P. Janků, et al. Agreement on CTG intrapartum recordings between expert-obstetricians In Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 4(8), 2015.
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P. Karvelis, J. Spilka, G. Georgoulas, V. Chudáček, C. Stylios, L. Lhotská Combining Latent Class Analysis Labeling with Multiclass Approach for Fetal Heart Rate Categorization In Physiological Measurement 36, 1001-1024, 2015.
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M. Burša, L. Lhotská, V. Chudáček, J. Spilka, P. Janků, L. Hruban Information retrieval from hospital information system: Increasing effectivity using swarm intelligence In Journal of Applied Logic pages 126–137. Springer, 2015.
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J. Spilka, V. Chudáček, P. Janků, L. Hruban, M. Burša, M. Huptych, L. Zach, L. Lhotská. Analysis of obstetricians’ decision making on CTG recordings.
Journal of Biomedical Informatics 2014, 51:72-79, 2014
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V. Chudáček, J. Spilka, M. Burša, P. Janků, L. Hruban, M. Huptych, L. Lhotská.
Open access intrapartum CTG database.
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2014 14(1):16, 2014.
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V. Chudáček, J. Anden, S. Mallat, P. Abry, M. Doret
Scattering Transform for Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Variability Fractal Analysis: A Case-Control Study
IEEE Transaction on biomedical engineering 61(4):1100-1108, 2014.
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J. Spilka, V. Chudáček, M. Koucký, L. Lhotská, M. Huptych, P. Janků, G. Georgoulas, C. Stylios. Using nonlinear features for fetal heart rate classification.
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 7(4):350–357, 2012.
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V. Chudáček, J. Spilka, P. Janků, M. Koucký, L. Lhotská, and M. Huptych. Automatic evaluation of intrapartum fetal heart rate recordings: A comprehensive analysis of useful features. Physiological Measurement 32:1347–1360, 2011.
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P. Kos, F. Varga, M. Handl, J. Kautzner, V. Chudáček, M. Držík, C. Povýšil, T. Trč, E. Amler, M. Hanus Correlation of dynamic impact testing, histopathology and visual macroscopic assessment in human osteoarthritic cartilage. Int Orthop. 35(11):1733–1739, 2011.
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V. Chudáček, G. Georgoulas, L. Lhotská, C. Stylios, M. Petrík and M. Čepek Examining cross-database global training to evaluate five different methods for ventricular beat classification. Physiological Measurement 30:661–677, 2009.
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Selected conference papers

[ Teaching ]

We offer bachelor and diploma thesis focused on analysis of biomedical data with real clinical software application. Proficiency in one of the following programming languages or good knowledge of statistics is welcomed. Stop by or email us for more details.

For new topics of PhD thesis please see the group-website

Courses taught in winter semester of 2015: ---
Past courses: Organisation and legislative in Health Care (OZL); Introduction to biomedical engineering; Information and Comunication Technologies in Medicine

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